A Design Sprint is a step by step process for solving big problems and validating ideas in 4 days or less. It aims to solve one key problem.

Higher education waits to see how customers (students) will react after launching a project or make a significant decision. The Design Sprint validates new ideas fast before you invest time, money, and resources to build something new. 

I help colleges and universities test and build relevant digital products, train their teams, and solve student experience problems. 

I do this faster and more effectively than anyone else by using a Google Ventures Design Sprint 2.0 model tailored for higher education decision making.

The on-campus design sprint takes any on-campus project from “problem” to solution and user testing with actual student stakeholders in just four short days. 

Sprint Package deliverables include: pre-sprint institutional research findings, one four-day sprint with up to 7 members (faculty, students, staff, or administration), an interactive prototype of your product, targeted student validation, user test transcripts, an executive summary, developer-ready files to build the product, and a final project handover. 

Define the challenge, produce solutions, vote on solutions, create a storyboard, build a prototype, and test the solution with real users. I am certified Design Sprint facilitator through the Design Sprint Masterclass delivered by the award winning product design sprint agency AJ&Smart.

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