What if you could make decisions to attack huge problems in as little as one hour?

I run LRDJ’s with groups of 3-7 people. First, we figure out what’s us forward and what’s anchoring us down. Acknowledging what’s going right in an organization is a very important part of moving forward. To borrow an often meaningless phrase from academia, “we can’t be all things to all people.”

We evaluate solutions on a scale of effort and impact. We ultimately choose the lowest effort highest impact solutions and plan to implement them immediately.

Colleges and universities are in the business of selling culture. Yet no one ever seems to know how to push cultural sea changes forward inside institutions.

I sell 10 LRDJs for $8,900. It’s the best money you’ll ever spend on student, staff and faculty groups. In 10-20 hours of organized decision making, groups can take action to impact campus culture, workflow, and student experiences. Institutions that truly listen to student-driven solutions tend to retain happy students and maintain a stable of eager recruits.

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