During the last 17 years, I won a national debate championship, advanced to director of a top-ranked collegiate debate program, and taught students as a communication professor. Through these various roles, I developed the ability to complete exhaustive research, quickly process information, write precisely, and successfully communicate solutions that have resulted in:

  • Hundreds of HS & College Invitational Tournament Awards
  • 2X NFA-LD National Champion Team Member (Mizzou 2005, 2006)
  • National Champion Debater (Southern Illinois, 2008)
  • National Champion, Graduate Coach (Texas Tech 2010)
  • National Top-Speaker, Coach (Texas Tech 2010)
  • National Tournament Sweepstakes Championship (William Jewell 2012)
  • National Championship, Coach (William Jewell 2016)

Here’s are the advantages that I’ll transfer from 20 years of competitive debating experience:

I will always take the quickest and most accurate notes in the room, which means I’m an asset to any team.

I used to working under time constraints, but thinking outside the box. Nothing can surprise me, and I’m not afraid of big ideas.

I understand how to get the best out of every single person on the team. Not everyone needs to be a rock-star at all times, nor should we expect it.

I listen actively and clarify miscommunication quickly. I have been trained in interpersonal engagement. I genuinely love talking to people.

When I don’t understand something or don’t know the definition of a word or concept, I tell people immediately and honestly. I do this rather than nodding and going along to save face.

I’m comfortable being honest about what I don’t know because I know that I can learn anything. On any given day, I’m not better than anyone else, but I’m as good as everyone else.

I love working on a team of nerds. I value working with people who have different strengths. The best teams in debate (and business) are diverse. I take diversity, equity, access, and that everyone has a seat at the table very seriously.

I’m efficient. It’s understandable if you expect debaters to showcase perfect public speaking, but it’s not about that. It’s about communicating effectively while playing a hyper-technical game with rules. It’s about the technical art of critical thinking, which happens quickly, precisely, and without much regard for your feelings. It mirrors life.

I’ve had thousands of opportunities to give and receive verbal and written feedback. I’m not precious; I know how to get feedback and adjust strategy.

I’m ready for my transition to FT product work because of every single bit of this experience.

What are you waiting for? Email me right now to figure out how I can work for you.