I resigned from my professorship in August of 2019 so that my department could complete a proper search to fill my vacated position. If you’ve ever held an academic job, you understand this is a kind thing to do. Most people just quit as soon as they have another job and leave their department in limbo. I obviously didn’t anticipate applying for jobs mid-COVID19. Oops.

But, the way I see it, the COVID19 crisis should make me considerably more valuable to employers, here’s why:

In the coming months, all companies will need to design and implement systems and processes that previously existed in emergency preparation documents. No one could have wholly prepared. Our workforce will need people capable of grappling with intractable problems.

I’ve spent the last 17 years as a national champion college debater, coach, and communication professor. I will translate those skills to a business environment thru active listening, empathy, sincere appreciation of diverse perspectives, commitment to practice, quality research, and the desire to be part of a team.

Anyone who has worked with me would attest to my ability to be versatile, respond to challenges, and learn new stuff quickly.

I have 8+ years of experience teaching interdisciplinary college courses online with great student reviews (@SNHU and @NWMSU) and 10+ years of positive feedback from my students in classrooms @WJC and @Texas Tech.

I’m a certified facilitator of Google Ventures 2.0 Design Sprints ( a step-by-step system for solving big problems as a team), and I am wrapping up a User-Experience Design Bootcamp at CareerFoundry this month.

In theory, that means as I’m a software designer. But, it also means that I can help people work remotely, workshop technical decisions quickly, design user/client-centered solutions, and to generate sharp insights rapidly.

I’m a strong writer that can independently tackle projects. I’m technologically savvy and innovative.

I’m available immediately and open for any contract or part-time position that I can fulfill from Kansas City.

If you think you’ve got something that I can help with, email me!