Dosh has raised 56 million dollars at a 240 million dollar valuation. The underlying product, however, seems to be relatively straightforward. There aren’t many screens to be designed or a wealth of features. The power of Dosh is in simplicity. Companies can set parameters for in-app promotions that are made available to users of specific credit cards, people who are in certain places, or consumers agreeing to purchase at a particular time. As they say, “It’s not points, it’s not coupons, just cold, hard cash.”

There is not a way to use Dosh outside of the native application, but the desktop webpage is beautiful, information-packed, and responsive/scaleable. The desktop landing page does everything that it can to push the user towards a native application– it caters to businesses who would like to consider running a promotion on Dosh. A company looking to create an offer need only access Dosh through the desktop view, with a relatively simple website engineered to deliver powerful SEO and top-notch branding. The desktop focus of the offer creation experience leaves the application to be relatively lite, providing the user with a top-notch application experience— it does one thing— and it does it well.


IDPage URLPage NameContent TypeComments/Recommendations
1.0https://www.dosh.cashHome Page Banner, Download App Links, Single Page Java App I like the fact that it’s a single page. The UX is somewhat unpredictable since actions don’t link to new pages. One active link location simply redirects the user to the top level navigation. 
1.1 DoshText, ImagesJob Postings; Highest level menu item in the footer is “About Dosh,” which links to a page of job postings and why someone would want to work for Dosh. 
1.2 Dosh!Text, ImagesJob Postings; Confusing— exact same content as 1.1, different URL. Perhaps an SEO trick that’s above my head. 
1.3 Policy TextSingle Page, No Links
1.4 Page, No Links
1.5 Travel TOSTextSingle Page, No Links 
2.1https://www.doshforbusiness.comDosh For Business“Connect With Us” CTA, Banner Image; Contact FormMarketing for business; Clear “call to action” located at top of the page; Link directs user to provide information necessary for Dosh to contact business related to originating a Dosh offer. 
2.2 Linked OffersText, Blog Links, Case Study Links, “Playbook Link” Explanation of how a business may participate;
2.3 Studies LinksPDF downloads; 3-5 case studies showing offer successes for brands
2.4 Research Content wall white paper; Text entry fieldRequired action to download what the user presumes to be some sort of proprietary research related to how Dosh offers can benefit the business providing an offer. 
2.5 posts (text + images) Great infographics; Substantial catalog of content related to Dosh promotions, brand success stories, etc. 
3.0https://travel.dosh.cashHotels on DoshApp links, Teaser of hotels available for discounts on app; all directions lead to app download 
4.0 Search box, ZenDesk Content Articles External site (ZenDesk); myriad links. 

Native Application

IDPage NameContent TypeComments/Recommendations
Splash Screen LogoOpening App, ImageStriking colors; clean logo centered on screen. 
App/JoinJoin/Login Text Entry FieldsSimple; Predictable;  Familiar 
Menu (Top Left) Menu Hamburger MenuAltered hamburger menu, custom UI feature designed to meet Dosh style. 
Accounts and CardsAccounts and CardsText, Logos, Symbols (Your Connected Accounts; Connect Accounts) Single screen; No scrolling; Clearly defined action areas. 
Profile & My Information Profile & My Information Avatar, Edit Info, TextBasic profile; Clearly defined action areas.  
Suport & Help Suport & Help Text; Zendesk IntegrationsEasy back and forth navigation related to FAQs.
Policies and Agreements Policies and Agreements TextLengthy text; Likely never reviewed by users. 
Main Navigation Main Navigation/OffersTop-level carousel of promoted offers; search box, Submenu features “Map, In-Store and Online” sorting. Infinity scroll (seemingly); Users provided with three clear ways to find offers depending on their shopping preference. 
HotelsHotelsSearch box, featured promotions, trending promotions; travel date inputClearly a second level of navigation, with the primary purpose of the application to be motivating retail or online purchases, separate from travel which (based on my research) is held to different legal standards. 
BookingsBookingsMy Bookings > Book a Trip > Hotels Very simple— three intuitive submenus. 
Trending TravelTreading Travel Location > Location > Featured Destinations
Featured DestinationsHotel Offer Page Compare on Competitor site > Change Dates > Call > View Map 
Wallet WalletBalance > Donate > Transfer Donate feature is highly promoted; legal implications for users.
ReferRefer Referral Code > More Ways to Share> Simple, single-screen. Provides users 5 different ways to share their experience with the native application/discount system. 
Alerts Activity All alerts + purchases and promoted offers