Usability Test Plan

Scope: Cardtrick is a flashcard app that allows users to automatically generate easy-to-read flashcards by simply using the comment feature is Google Docs.

Schedule: Thursday September 12, 2019— on campus at (small liberal arts college located in Liberty, Missouri).

Sessions: 5 participants, approximately 10 minutes each Equipment: iPhone 8 (4.7”), Adobe XD.


“Hi! My name is Kyle and I’m conducting usability tests on a flashcard app. This is not a test that has a right or wrong answer and should take less than ten minutes. You are testing an unfinished prototype that might contain errors or mistakes. If you have any questions while your’e interacting with the prototype, feel free to stop interacting with the device and ask. I’m going to hand you an iPhone 8. Ready to start?”

Direct Tasks

1. Complete Onboarding + Sign In
2. Access Flashcards
2. Navigate thru “Test Stack”
3. Access settings for memorization technique

Scenario Tasks

1—You need to make some flashcards for class. You downloaded an App called “Cardtrick” from the iOS app store, this is what you see when you open the app (show + hand them the phone), how would you start using the app?

2—Now, you’re ready to explore the app and get your hands on some flashcards, how might you do that?

3—Once you’ve accessed the cards from the text document, please show me how you would use the test stack.

4—You heard that the Cardtrick application has different settings to assist in memorization of your flashcards. Please show me how you would locate those features.

Usability Test produced the following results: